How To’s using Simplified Divorce Process


                Nowadays, getting married can be done in a snap making it easy for all couples to be married quickly. However, getting a divorce is the other way around. Whenever we hear about getting a divorce, it always comes to our mind the complicated process that it would take to have it and the amount of money that it would cost us to win the case. The irony of getting tied up in an instant versus severing those ties is just so overwhelming. However, laws are laws and you can just easily break that regardless of what reason you may have. Though it may seem to be very complicated, there are some ways that you can do to simplify the process and expedite things up. Usually, divorce can go as long as years and some may close the case within months but you can actually wrap things up and close the case the soonest time possible. Here are some how to’s in using a simplified divorce process.

Steps in Doing a Simplified Divorce Process

·         It is actually simple, both party just need to set an arrangement and both should agree with it. If both parties agreed on all terms then it makes the process simpler and easier. Terms like agreement about the divorce itself, child custody, property division, alimony and the like.

·         You can start filing for a no-fault and uncontested divorce. When you say no-fault divorce, that simply means that the reason for your divorce is incompatibility and in some state, it might require you to be living separately for at least a year. Please take note that the ruling regarding this depends on the laws of the state your applying for a divorce. An uncontested divorce, on the other hand, is the type of divorce wherein both parties have agreed to get a divorce and that both parties had agreed with all the terms and condition regarding the divorce. It is important that both parties should discuss thoroughly every detail regarding your divorce because in the event that the court hearing had started and either of the party will have disputes on it, it will just delay the process.

·         You can start filing for a divorce petition in the court using a no-fault, uncontested divorce

This is one of the fastest cases of divorce to be resolved. Filing for this would mean that both parties agreed to live separately from each other and had agreed already with all the settlement and arrangements regarding the divorce process. If both parties had already made an arrangement then the court will just check on some details and all and then the case will be closed after. If both parties are cooperating then there is not much in it to discuss with.

·         Once you finish filing for the case and providing the necessary requirements that the court required, the petitioner should serve the other party with all the documents regarding the divorce process.

·         Your spouse just need to file for a response for your petition then the court will then schedule a hearing for your case.

·         Different the process regarding your separation will be discussed after this during the court hearing. Cases such as incomes, child support, and spousal support will be highlighted especially if you have children’s. In some cases, parenting plans are required by some states to make sure that the children are well tended.

·         Marital agreements and separation agreements will also be discussed. Again, each and every state has its own rules so these things will be decided based on how the state applies their rules.

·         Judgment of the divorce will then follow. Some states actually may require additional divorce papers such as both parties’ statements. Some states may require more documents so just need to make sure all requirements are submitted and then everything will be set after that. Dissolution of marriage is a very critical matter so regardless if both parties agreed with the divorce, the court still needs to apply their rules to make sure that the couple had made the right decision and that both parties’ rights are upheld during the process. 

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